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A Day at Disneyland (in honor of our Writing Tip Spotlight Walt Disney)

Want to experience the best of Disney or learn things you didn’t know about Disneyland before? Well keep on reading!

As a die-hard Disney fan(atic), I may not know everything there is to know about Disney, but I do know a good deal and I am happy to share it with you!

Start your Day off Right!

You’re finally at the parks after a (probably long) drive. Getting through the parking booths took about half an hour (on a good day) and now you’re heading to the trams.

A couple of things you should know, especially if you haven’t been lately.

  • Remember where you park by texting yourself the character and number (i.e. Goofy 1a)
  • The security is super tight, be sure to speed along this process through several ways
    • Go to the lines on the far right, it’s a further walk but you can usually get through faster.
    • Take off your backpacks, purses, jackets, etc, in line and open up all pockets before you get to the security guard. This way they don’t have to take the time to do so.
    • Make sure to take off all metal, slip your phone into your bag before going through the metal detector.
    • Don’t feel bad if the metal detector goes off on you, it happens to my boyfriend every time. I just laugh and take pictures.
    • Remember, they are doing all of this for YOUR safety, so try to stay patient.


You’re finally at the trams and gosh darn it, it seems like everyone is trying to work their way around you to get on first. Here’s a smart tip. If you are in a group of 3 or more, and really this works with 2 or more too, don’t stand in a group. Instead, stand shoulder to shoulder (forming a line of sorts).

An hour after spotting Matterhorn, you are in the parks. You can smell the churros and popcorn. You can hear the screams from space mountain. Where should you go first? Well, before you hit either park, I highly suggest you stop by the Wetzel Pretzel stand and grab yourself some pretzel bites. I prefer the cinnamon ones myself. Sure, it’s a ton of carbs, but let’s be honest, you’ll walk them off by the time you leave.

Once inside the Parks


I prefer to start my day off in California Adventures before heading over to Disneyland. My favorite ride is Toy Story Mania where I kick some serious butt, but I digress.

If you happen to attend on a rainy day, there’s a few things you should keep your eyes out for or considering doing.

IMG_2426 (1).jpg

On rainy days, janitors often have some fun with the rain work and create art pieces of their own. So if you happen to go on a misty day (especially one where the rain has stopped and the ground has begun to dry), keep your eyes on the ground and maybe you can spot a hidden Mickey!

If it is pouring and you’re looking for some shelter, head over to the Animation Studio!

Never heard of the Animation Studio? How sad! Ever heard of Off the Page? It’s located in California Adventures off of their main street. When you first walk in, it looks like a store (filled with amazing paintings and sculptures); however, if you make your way in you will discover a world of delight! In the main room, the walls are filled from top to bottom with ginormous screens that display Disney movies and concept art! Connected to this room are several paths: one takes you to meet Elsa and Anna, another takes your to Turtle Talk with Crush, another takes your to Beast’s library where you can discover what disney character you are, and the best one takes you to the Animation Studio.

At the Animation Academy/Studio, you can take a 30minute class learning how to draw your favorite disney characters! They change which characters they do every day so be sure to check the board for times and characters. It’s a great way to stay out of the rain on rainy days, or out of the burning sun on hot days. It’s also just a ton of fun!

Free Food, yes I did say FREE at California Adventures

Before leaving DCA (Disney’s California Adventures), be sure to stop by the Bakery House and the Ghiradelli chocolate shop for your free, that’s right, FREE, samples of sour dough bread and chocolate. The samples might not be huge, but when you’re walking all day long, any kind of sustenance, particularly delicious, free sustenance is a must!

IMG_2454 (1).jpg Head on over to Disneyland

Let’s be honest, there is so much at Disneyland, there is no way you could do it all in one day and there is no way I can cover it all in one post, so I’m just going to keep mentioning unique things that I think you will enjoy.

Did you know that you can spot the Evil Queen from Snow White on any day at Disneyland? Head over to Fantasyland, stand in front of Snow White’s Scary Adventures and look UP.

IMG_2459 (1).jpg

Don’t let her spot you, I hear if she catches you, her apples are to die for. (Sorry for the pun, I couldn’t help it). Speaking about Snow White’s Scary Adventures, did you know that the ride was originally created to be from her point of view? In other words, YOU, the rider, are supposed to be Snow White which is why you only see her at the end of the story. You are supposed to be experiencing her life.

Also, did you know that people try to steal the apple out of the witch’s hand because it is not screwed in? (DON’T TRY THIS, seriously, they can revoke your pass and ban you from Disneyland).

Speaking about the original intent for rides, did you know that originally the ride was not intended to be narrated by the “Ghost Host”? You know, the voice in your carriage? Instead, it was originally supposed to be narrated by a Raven. The next time you ride the Haunted Mansion, keep your eye out. You will see the Raven in almost every room because originally he was supposed to be your guide.

Man, just talking about all this is making me hungry… Lunch Time!

It’s lunch time and Disneyland prices are often, let’s just say it, RIDICULOUS! So while I will always suggest that you bring your own food: sandwhiches, snacks, fruit, water, etc., there are times when you just want a delicious, hot meal. When you do, here is what I suggest!

Head over to the Plaza Inn, it’s right off of main street with the pink umbrellas. The food is bomb and better yet, you actually feel like you’re getting your money’s worth. For instance, this chicken dinner was $17.99. Yup, expensive, but for the amount of food, pretty fair. My boyfriend and I will usually split this and supplement it with our own snacks like grapes and peanut butter pretzels. We leave satisfied and recharged for our day!


Let’s Hit some more Rides!

If you’re anything like me, you don’t want to do crazy rides right after you eat. So I suggest going to the Jungle Cruise! The line isn’t horrible and the ride is super enjoyable. Don’t be shocked by your skippers calloused attitude and puny jokes, that’s half the fun!


Once your stomach has settled from lunch, it’s time for some wild fun and what is better than the “Wildest Ride in the Wilderness!”

If you prefer to go slower, ask to sit toward the front. If you prefer to go faster, ask to sit toward the back! Be sure to throw those hands up in the air as you take the quick turns. If you want an even more thrilling ride, once your climb the top of the mountain you will see a billy goat on your ride hand side. Keep your eyes on it as the train curves around the mountain and turn your head so that your eyes stay fixed on it even as your travel away. Being turned around will heighten the thrill!


Disneyland really is beautiful, isn’t it?

Heading Home

Of course, you don’t want to leave! It’s the worst part of the day, but it is also inevitable. Be sure to see the fireworks before you go! Or, if you’re parked on the roof of the parking structure, watch from your car.

While this blog was not all-encompassing, I hope it is beneficial for your next trip to Disneyland!

Walt’s dream was hard-fought and nearly went bankrupt, yet now it stands and expands. Walt never gave up on his dream, and neither should you.


**All images are my own and are copyrighted. If you’d like to share, please feel free, just attribute credit back to my blog.

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  1. If I lived in California, I’d try to visit Disneyland every year or every other year at least.

    Thank you for your posts on Walt Disney. They’re very encouraging. I’ll try to stay positive. 😀

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