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Writing Tip: Don’t allow yourself to remain discouraged

When you are a writer, or really a dreamer of any caliber, it is easy to become discouraged. Sometimes when we write, we believe so strongly in our abilities and talents. Other days it seems like everything we put down is crap on top of crap.

It is okay to have self-doubts, you are only human.

It is okay to have bad writing days, it will happen.

It is okay to get discouraged, that’s normal.

Originally, I titled this tip, “Don’t let yourself get discouraged,” but the truth is, we are all going to get discouraged at one point or another. Even after signing publishing contracts we may become discouraged due to the editing comments we receive on our manuscript, but just remember two things:

  • It is okay to get discouraged, it is NOT okay to stay there.
  • Critiques are intended to better your work.

Let me expand, while wallowing in self-doubt is often the easier course, we must force ourselves as writers to pick ourselves back up after repeated rejection letters and continue to write. We chose this life of writing because it makes us happy, so don’t let another person’s opinion (or your own negative opinion) steal that happiness from you.

Also, when you ask for a critique or editing, EXPECT there to be something for you to work on. Have you ever heard that writing can never be finished? You will always want to add, expand, edit, fix, tweak your work. Editing helps us get as close to the finished product as we ever can. So expect some critiques. Now, if that is all you are getting from your editor and there is nothing positive you may want to find a different editor, but that’s another story for another tip.

Stay positive and remind yourself that it is normal to doubt your own work, but in order to be successful you cannot allow yourself to remain in that space. Rise up and move beyond the criticism in order to create a masterpiece!

Happy Writing Everyone!



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29 thoughts on “Writing Tip: Don’t allow yourself to remain discouraged”

  1. So true. Critiques are a good thing, though it may not seem like it. An editor is investing their time in you and your work. Its a complement, really.

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    1. I’m so glad that this was encouraging for you! Even today I struggle with self-doubt, but it is never good to stay there. We are good enough and we can only continue to learn, to grow, and to improve.


          1. Definitely true. I’m noticing that not everyone understands the art and hard work that comes with it. Not even just the writing itself but finding editors and illustrationist, it’s a very tiring job. Not to mention on top of our day to day jobs we already have. J have some people who support me whole heartedly, and others who just think it’s just a new trend , which is a bit annoying.

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        1. Hey, so if you go to your My Site bar on the left hand side, at the bottom there would be a HELP button. They’ve got great tutorials on everything for WordPress that take you through the process step by step 🙂


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