Pull up the screen.

Nothing to see.


Waiting for the inevitable

          “We are sorry to reject…”

Hoping for the unlikely

          “We are pleased to accept…”



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31 thoughts on “Publication”

              1. I think that’s part of the reason I started blogging, to slowly learn how to put myself out there. I expect to get rejected I’m actually not afraid of that so much. I just need to do it. Like Shia Lebouf

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    1. If you keep working at it, it is possible! I wrote this poem four months ago for a poetry class. I wrote it while I was waiting to hear back from the publishing house concerning my latest book. I had never been published (by an official house) before and had received rejection letters of my own. Then I finally received an acceptance letter! I was (and am) thrilled!
      But it didn’t come easily, I had to work for it and work past my own insecurities and past failures. Keep working at it, start small and grow 👍🏻

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        1. Thank you!, and hahaha the thing is, I will most likely be in this same exact boat in a few months as I start to send out queries for my children’s series, it’s a never-ending cycle 😅


  1. You’ll get there. I’ve heard time and time again that you have to have enough rejections to paper a whole room before you get an acceptance. And that has been very true for me.

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