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How can YOU promote your book?

Hey Everyone!

You’ve got your book, it’s beautiful and sparkling! But what now? How can you promote it and get people to read it?? Whether you are self-publishing or going through a traditional publication house, you are going to need to promote yourself and your own work.

Some of the ideas below are mine and some belong to others that I have picked up along the way, but I am combining them below for your reading pleasure and hopefully they will help you like they have helped me!

  1. Social Media
    1. I know you are probably rolling your eyes right now and saying “well, duh!” but don’t underestimate your social status and don’t just post (here’s my book!). Give us reasons WHY we should want to read your book. What will it do for us? Think about how books have been marketed to you. What made you stop and think, yea I want to read that!
  2. Book Promotion Sites
    1. Here is one site that offers a couple of different options
  3. Personal Touch
    1. Swap Meets/Farmer Markets/Small Bookstores/Book Signings
      1. Set up a booth, say hello, shake some hands
      2. Offer to do a book reading and signing at local book stores
      3. Don’t forget, people are more likely to buy your book if they meet you and like you instead of seeing an ad on a screen. So get out there and give it your personal touch!
  4. Friends and Family
    1. There is nothing wrong with asking your friends and family to read and leave reviews on your book, but don’t be too surprised if they don’t all respond. Family and friends can be a great support system, but not always great readers.


These are just some ideas that I’ve come across. How do YOU promote your book? Have you had success with any of the above? Have you done something different? Be sure to like and comment in the section below.



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20 thoughts on “How can YOU promote your book?”

  1. Good post, great tips! I’ve bashed my head against many a wall thinking of the magic solution to promoting work. I’ve been doing a bit of research and the most effective method, it seems, is making connections with people. Unfortunately in today’s age asking some people to read a book seems to big a commitment, like asking them to look after your dog for a month. It’s worse when they don’t know who you are. Why should they take a chance? In making connections with people you make them care, make them want to read your stories. According to one book anyway.

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    1. I think you’re right on point which is why I will always say that to be a writer you should be involved in a community! Writing is by nature a reciprocal relationship between the author and the reader. In making these connections I hope that not only will others be interested in my posts, books, etc., but that I will learn from them and read their work as well.

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    1. Those are harder to find for sure! But not impossible, try typing in writing competitions NO entry fee and see if that pulls up anything. I’m thinking about doing a short story competition after the poetry contest.

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  2. I never considered book promotion sites! (Though I am aware there are promotion services on freelance sites like Fiverr that offer book reviews and promotion of books on blogs!)

    This is so helpful- thank you!! (I’ve been considering writing an e-book lately, which is something I’ve always wanted to do but could never imagine doing. Might try it out now that I have some more information!) 🙂

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  3. Well, I’ve definitely found my genre (which is romantic fiction) but I can’t seem to create the right story.

    It’s odd. I always have dozens of story ideas in my head throughout the day, and yet when I finally sit down and get to my laptop, my mind comes to a total stopping point. That, or I realize the story is a lot more flawed than I realized.

    I have countless word documents open on my screen at this very moment, and they’re named, “Synopsis1”, “Synopsis2”, “Synopsis3,” and so on. Sometimes I know what I want to write and the mood I want to create. Other times I’m jumping from one plot to another, and have to debate between ideas.

    All I know is I want to write a story, I want to create a new world with my writing- but lately I’m at a total loss to be honest! I want my first book to be perfect, or at least something I can fall totally in love with at the moment. Sadly, I don’t think that’s happening any time soon! 🙂


    1. Oooo, lovely genre.

      Hmmmm, it sounds like maybe your high expectations are causing you to freeze up where your writing is concerned.

      If I can make a suggestion, don’t worry about writing a synopsis and definitely don’t focus on it being perfect (especially not right away). While some authors might be able to get it right the first time, not many are. Instead just focus on the writing (even if it’s bad). For instance, if you have a scene in your head, write that out. Who cares if its not in order or its not perfect? You might need to break those barriers before you can create the masterpiece you are desiring.

      Good luck!

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      1. Will definitely try that: in fact, I think that’s better since I never really have the entire story visualized anyways- instead I just have bits and pieces of the plot in my head, where I want the story to go, etc. I’ve noticed I normally tend to focus too highly on the result/ final draft, rather than the process of creating the story- and that’s the fun part of writing! I may have forgotten that.

        Thank you so much!! Your advice helps a lot 🙂

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