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Dia De Los Muertos

I am not Mexican and yet this holiday intrigues me. As far as I understand, Dia de los muertos, “Day of the Dead,” is actually several days (October 31st-November 2nd) during which people celebrate, honor, pray, do rituals for, etc. their deceased relatives.

I’ve participated in some Day of the Dead festivals at Missions and did sugar skull face painting. There were dozens of other booths that sold hats, candles, you name it. Here is one of the faces that I did.


The Day of the Dead facepaint has always been a strong connection between the life and death juxtaposition, between decay and beauty.

Although I do not celebrate it, I couldn’t help but to post about it because of my own fascination.

Does anyone on here celebrate? Could you further enlighten me on the traditions involved?

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