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A HUGE thank you to my 100 Followers!

Yesterday, November 1st I reached 100 followers after beginning my blog on October 7th. I cannot say THANK YOU enough to everyone who as followed, liked, shared, commented, or viewed any of my posts. You guys are awesome!

I hope that all of you will continue to find inspiration, encouragement, and direction from my “Writing Tips.” I am also super happy with the turn-out for the Poetry Contest. The amount of talent involved in that thread is simply amazing. It’s going to be a very hard to decide a winner. If you have the chance be sure to look at some of the other poems on the thread, I’m sure you will enjoy them and the other poets will appreciate your feedback 🙂

I hope to continue to grow (and if I don’t, I am so blessed already), but if I do, I just want you all to know that you have my special thanks for being there with me in the beginning. In future posts, I plan on continuing my writing tips, poems, and reviews. I also want to add a new section called “My Reading List” where I will let you know what I am reading, what I recommend, and hopefully get some recommendations from you as well!

A reminder that I will be posting up some strategies on how to promote your work and yourself tomorrow!

Is there anything that you are hoping I will talk about in the future? Any questions about writing that I could try to address?

I have gotten this far because of amazing followers! What do you want to see more of?

Thank you!

Happy Writing Everyone!

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