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Writing Tip: Market Yourself


Whether you are a self-published author or an author using a traditional publishing house, it IS your job to market your work and promote yourself. While some publishing companies may help, they are not going to do everything for you. Some publishing companies might publish your book, place it online, and that’s it. And while you may get some traffic from that, it probably won’t be much.


You have already starting promoting yourself and your work. Many of you probably already know this, after all, that’s why many of you are bloggers. You are building your audience. Good! By promoting yourself and your work via facebook, instagram, or blogging, you are given a chance to build an audience who is interested in what you have to say and what you publish. Otherwise, according to Jeff Goins “you’re just speaking to an empty auditorium”. So start promoting yourself.

How can I do that? How can I get followers?
Well start by following others, commenting on their statuses, joining groups, building reciprocal relationships with the people in your field and then point them back to your page, group, or blog. You cannot simply set up a page and expect people to find you. (Wouldn’t that be nice?)

You have to do the work if you want the results! So get out there, set up a page, join a group (for instance you could join the group linked on my facebook page), get to know other writers, and start posting regularly.

Later this week I’ll be sure to post some more suggestions on how to promote your work so be sure to keep your eyes on my page.

How have YOU promoted your work in the past?

Be sure to answer in the comments 🙂



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22 thoughts on “Writing Tip: Market Yourself”

  1. Thankyou for what you have written. I have a wordpress website and a Simolesite one, and I know that in irder to oromote myself I need to read and fommment on the work of others. Now, this has been bothering me for some time, because I am blind, and whilst I have done my best I have ended up tearing my hair out becayse once I get to somene else’s site I cannot find my way around it. Lately, my own traffic has died down, and I fear itnis because I am unable to comment on thempistsnof others. Have you any udeas as to how I coukd priceed? Thankyou


      1. Sadly there us no one. In fact I am also wheelchair bound. Mthisbis following my cancer and will not improve. However, I am determined to write and to find a way through this. I have apps for the blind but they do not work for this sort of thing unfortunately.


          1. Thankyou. Writing is all that I have got left, so I do it all the time. I do get great joy out of it, but not because it is therapeutic. I just feel I can write differently and have a particular take on things. Thanks for your words. I will keep following you as much as I can. Smile

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  2. Hi Kaylaan! I would be glad if you can help me promoting my stories. I don’t know if it is worth it, but you can judge it by reading my story, you can find it through my menu. I wanna hear your thoughts because I wanted to publish it soon in our country. Honestly speaking, I started and write this year beginning of January. Am not a professional writer but a simple man who loves to voice out my thoughts.

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    1. Hello John, I would be happy to take a look. I’m pretty busy today but should have more time later or tomorrow. Go ahead and comment underneath which story you would like me to look at first and link to my name so that I can see it 🙂

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  3. Let me make my first comment on wordpress as a ‘Thank you’ to you Kayla.
    Also, I read about some poetry contest that you were hosting, is it still open?

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  4. Marketing yourself is tough, but the internet has been so helpful for me. I don’t know how writers used to do it. I’m glad we live in an age where information is simply one click away.

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    1. It certainly is! I feel like it must have all been word-of-mouth beforehand. It also makes more sense why the classics we read now never received proper attention during the time in which they were published.


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