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Let’s Talk WordPress

Let's Talk WordPress Tag

Thank you

Meher Gandhi, not only for nominating me to fill out this tag but also for creating it! It’s a great way to get to know each other better. Meher Gandhi describes this tag-blog as “all about your writing journey!”

So here are the rules:

  • Link back to whoever nominates you
  • Describe your writing journey with WordPress so far
    • An overview of your writing journey
    • Why you decided to join WordPress
    • Your experience with WordPress so far
    • Up to five things you love about wordpress
    • Up to five things you dislike about wordpress
  • Name your nominees


Here we go!

  1. An Overview of my writing journey
    • Oh goodness, here we go. That is quite a broad question. Well, I began writing when I was very young. The first story I ever wrote was “Kate, the Pirate.” It told the story of a young slave girl on a pirate ship who struggles for freedom. I quite enjoyed writing it then and I enjoy getting a laugh out of it now.
    • Throughout middle school and high school I was constantly getting in trouble for writing in my notebook during math class (but really, who needs to know geometry?)
    • In college, I majored in English and minored in Creative Writing. Two of my short stories were published in the college’s journal “The Dazed Starling.” In my last year of Graduate school I begun my thesis on The Hunger Games series. I was so fascinated by my topic I decided to write a book. Last June I sent out a query letter to a publishing house and five months later I was signing my very first book contract!
    • I am currently working on that book and some children stories.
  2. Why I joined WordPress
    • I joined WordPress for several reasons, mainly to promote my work and build a platform. What I did not expect was to find such awesome people and blogs that I could connect with. This has been an even better experience than I anticipated!
  3. My experience
    • As briefly mentioned above, this experience has been great and I plan to continue it. Here are some things I love:
      1. I love the ease of setting up a the website and the help that WordPress offers.
      2. I love the people that I have met and connected with.
      3. I love the variety of blogs available online.
      4. I love the way we encourage and support one another.
    • Here are some things I don’t love:
      1. Eventually, I would like to have my own domain name (once I can afford it haha).


I nominate…

I often nominate my newer followers for these types of tag-blogs because I want to get to you know you better 😀 and to thank you for the recent follows!




Social Loner




There we go! This has been fun everyone and I hope to learn more about my followers in the process. Thank you Meher Gandhi for starting this new tag/blog!


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