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Let’s be honest, none of us chose to become authors because it was easy. In fact, I don’t know if any of us CHOSE to become authors in the first place. Those of us who write do so because we have an internal urge to do so. We can’t help it! Words will rush around in our minds, characters’ stories will play out behind our eyes, and our fingers will itch to write them down.

All that being said, once we sit down at the computer or open our notebooks we find that a blank page can glare into our souls and mock our attempts to write. Writing IS hard. Or, let me rephrase that. Writing CAN BE hard. However, there are multiple things we can do to make writing easier.

In my opinion, joining a writing community can be extremely helpful in negating the difficulty of writing. When you join a writing community you can communicate with others who have been in your place, who can offer advice and stories as to how they have succeeded in the writing world. I highly encourage everyone to join a writing community, whether that is a group at your school, an online forum, or even just actively engaging in communication through blogs.

This week I am hosting an LiveForum “All About Writing” where I will be interviewing other published authors on their writing and editing habits and views on self-publishing versus going through traditional publishing houses. It’s going to be a great discussion and I highly encourage anyone to watch, comment, and ask questions! You can find it by going to my profile and clicking on my facebook link located on the righthand sidebar.

What do YOU think we should talk about? What are YOUR questions about writing, outlining, editing, publishing, etc.?



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2 thoughts on “Writing Community”

  1. Totally agree about the importance of joining a community. Tempeste Blake is the pseudonym for two writers, Nancy and Cat, who met years ago in a writing community. Having someone ‘who gets it’ to share the ups and downs has been immensely rewarding. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. ~Cat aka Tempeste


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