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04539D95-0066-469E-9FF7-070A7B29B2CBI start off on my back, head against the pillow, blanket under my chin, but within the next several hours I will attempt various positions with the same outcome.

Do I blame the insomnia on my profession as a writer? Or do I blame my profession as a writer on my insomnia?

What is it about writing that seems intricately related to insomnia? Is it that we have so many ideas going around in our heads that we cannot sleep? Perhaps somewhere inside our brains, there is a horde of characters, protagonists and antagonists working together, just sitting on our hypothalamus poking it with large sticks every time we lay down to sleep. They want their story told and so they will keep poking and prodding until they have been heard, until we have recorded their accounts.

Any other writers out there who struggle with this menace known as insomnia?



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13 thoughts on “Insomnia”

  1. Is that your drawing in the image you posted? It describes me so much.

    I wouldn’t say I suffer from insomnia. Most of the time, I refuse to sleep, because I feel this need to write down whatever idea I’m having. Sometimes, I find it hard to sleep even when I want to, because thoughts are running through my brain a mile a minute.

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  2. might try L-TRYPTOPHAN which I use myself. Health food stores carry it – all natural supplement. It helps you go to sleep and you wake up with a good feeling instead of a drugged feeling common with sleeping pills.

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